Advisory Board Members

Our advisory board is composed of premiere professionals representing critical areas across the healthcare continuum.

Dr. Allie Karshenas

Clinical Research and Innovation

Dr. Karshenas holds a multifaceted role at West Virginia University (WVU), where he serves as the Associate Vice President (Emeritus) of Clinical Research Operations and Institutional Advancements. Simultaneously, he is the Associate VP of Global Engagements (GEO) and holds the position of Associate Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical Systems and Compliance within the School of Pharmacy.

Before joining WVU in 2013, Dr. Karshenas made significant contributions at Abbott Laboratories, where he held the position of Senior Global Director of Clinical and Patient Support Services and served as the Privacy Officer. His academic journey includes obtaining a doctorate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Laboratory Medicine, focusing on infectious diseases. He further honed his skills through an internship in Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine and a post-doctorate in clinical virology.

Dr. Karshenas brings over 27 years of invaluable experience in diverse clinical, pharmaceutical, and medical devices expertise within regulated industries. His leadership journey includes pivotal roles in esteemed organizations such as Roche, Becton Dickinson, Quest Labs, Thermo Fisher, Siemens, Kindle International, Amerinet, and Abbott Laboratories. His expertise extends to technology and innovation development, with a notable specialization in leading Start-ups, Turnarounds, Realignments, and Sustaining Success (STARS).

A Six-Sigma Black Belt professional, Dr. Karshenas holds certifications in Lean-Sigma operations, showcasing his commitment to excellence in operational efficiency.

In his illustrious 10-year tenure at WVU Health Sciences, Dr. Karshenas has played a pivotal role in spearheading the development and expansion of clinical and commercial research. His influence is evident in the creation of inside-out and outside-in Innovation portals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and forward-thinking.

As a faculty member in the School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, and the School of Public Health at WVU, Dr. Karshenas remains deeply involved in academic pursuits. Beyond academia, he serves on multiple national and international scientific and advisory boards for startup biotech companies, further showcasing his commitment to advancing the field of healthcare and research.

Dr. Karshenas’ remarkable journey is characterized by leadership, innovation, and a steadfast dedication to advancing the frontiers of clinical research and pharmaceutical systems.