Advisory Board Members

Our advisory board is composed of premiere professionals representing critical areas across the healthcare continuum.

Dr Judith Reece

Biopharmaceutical / Research & Development

Judith is an innovative, independent value-driven leader with long experience and deep understanding of biopharmaceutical science, strategy, and technology and how they can most productively be brought together for the benefit of human health.

She has over 20 years’ experience of driving strategy, business transformation and innovations to value in the healthcare ecosystem. She believes that by taking a human-centric approach, that truly gets to the root of the end-to-end experience for people who are users of the healthcare ecosystem right, is a business imperative. Prior to joining the biopharmaceutical sector, Judith held roles in academic medicine and research-intensive institutions where she developed her skill set in supporting adult learners and she has since worked with L&D experts across a range of projects in biopharmaceutical companies which helped build capabilities within the workforce. For example, she has developed and implemented a plan to upskill 3,000 people across R&D in data visualization for a private sector biopharmaceutical company. In another example she partnered with a R&D LT to define and deliver a plan to build capabilities in and knowledge of, the role of Predictive analytics across the R&D value evidence chain.

Throughout her career Judith has always leveraged her scientific and medical background with a laser focus on improving the outcomes for patients. Since her undergraduate days when she took courses in Computer Science alongside her core degree requirements, she has maintained her excitement and enthusiasm that technology is a critical multiplier and enabler for as a positive force for change in healthcare.

She has worked across multiple therapy areas including Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Oncology, Cardio-vascular and Metabolic Diseases and has involved in the development of new medicines that have reached patients. Most recently she has acted as a catalyst for change enabling transformation of existing business models and instead embedding a patient-centric way of thinking coupled with agile working within TECH and R&D whilst acting as VP Digital Development at GSK.