Glooko Collaborates with Johns Hopkins Medicine HealthCare Solutions on Clinically Proven Digital Health Technology for Chronic Conditions

Combined Offering Provides all the Components of an End-to-End Platform

PALO ALTO, California, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Glooko, Inc., a leading provider of remote patient monitoring and digital health solutions for diabetes and other chronic conditions, today announced a collaboration with Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions. Glooko’s cloud-based, device-agnostic platform and patient app will provide vitals capture and tracking enablement to the Johns Hopkins Blossom™ program, an interactive management program for people with diabetes, offered through employers, health plans and health care providers.

The Blossom solution provides an interactive experience that combines biometric data tracking, personalized skill-building content, and support from coaches to help people with diabetes better assess, understand, and optimize their care and build a healthier lifestyle. Blossom was developed to make diabetes management easier through lifestyle modifications while significantly improving health outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

“Glooko is pleased to work with Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions to enable a solution that helps patients, employees and health plan members succeed in making positive lifestyle adjustments and improve connections with their care teams, leading to better health,” said Glooko CEO Russ Johannesson. “Opportunities like the Blossom collaboration further expand Glooko’s value and offerings for our health care provider, payer and employer customers. We look forward to continuing to create real and meaningful differences in the lives of people with chronic conditions like diabetes, while reducing the cost of their care.” Published research has shown that remote patient monitoring coupled with clinically proven behavior change protocols can improve health outcomes among people with diabetes and reduces costs*.

Glooko’s cloud-based digital health platform and patient app integrate seamlessly into the Blossom solution, meeting patients where they are on their journey to better health. Glooko’s data tracking and sharing allows Blossom coaches and customer care teams to provide continuity of care in between doctors’ appointments–through personalized diabetes education content, care coordination and a 365-day coaching program–by identifying and closing any gaps in patient care. The ability to remotely share data also makes it possible to equip care teams with continual data to identify at-risk patients, intervene as needed, and provide more personalized, informed care.

The solution is available to payers, providers and self-insured employers immediately.

About Glooko
Glooko is transforming digital health by connecting people with diabetes and other chronic conditions with their healthcare teams, enabling collaborative telehealth, clinical research and improved health outcomes. The company’s software platforms collect and analyze data from multiple devices in one highly secure place, allowing for easy remote upload via app or in-clinic, and producing easy-to-read analytics through actionable charts and graphs. The platform is compatible with over 95% of global diabetes and health monitoring devices, giving patients and their providers flexibility in how to manage their conditions. With over 35B+ data points, Glooko is the global leader in diabetes patient data. More than 3 million users have already benefited from Glooko’s solutions in 29 countries across 22 languages. Learn more at

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Another example of how NEV facilitates strategic alignment and value to all stakeholders. This collaboration enables a solution that helps patients, employees and health plan members succeed on their path to better health.