Advisory Board Members

Our advisory board is composed of premiere professionals representing critical areas across the healthcare continuum.

Greg Lahens

Specialty Pharma & Patient Services Innovator

Greg Lahens has earned his wings building innovative technologies and teams for specialty pharmacy companies for over 20 years. From 2001 until 2007, Greg served as the manager of software applications for TheraCom, Inc. His charter was to rebuild aging technology while simultaneously building systems from the ground up for their call center, dispensing, logistics and patient services. During his tenure, Greg led the creation of software applications supporting over $1 billion per year in pharmacy transactions, billed to over 2000 different insurance providers, and dispensed at three locations around the country. The organization grew from 50 to 1000 people during his tenure, and he managed the IT organization through the acquisitions by AdvancePCS and Caremark (CVS).  Greg then later advised TheraCom(CVS) as they prepared to sell the Specialty Pharmacy Services to the Lash Group (AmerisourceBergen).

As a member of the founding management team of CareMetx, Greg has led a team of architects and developers in building the proprietary platform on which the current business operates – CareMetx Connect. This cloud-based technology, as well as the portals and dashboards that work off that core system serve the majority of CareMetx’ current clients. The company grew from the original founding team to hundreds of employees before being sold to private equity. He created which enabled the electronic capture of patient signatures for patient consent. In the latter years of his tenure as the Chief Innovation Officer, Greg oversaw the design and build of some of the company’s most successful next generation products.  Greg also served as CareMetx’s Chief Privacy Officer and is an ardent protector of patient data and staying compliant with HIPAA data privacy rules and Information Security policies.

Greg has a strong understanding of both technology and the pharmacy business including reimbursement models, adherence and affordability challenges, drug dispensing processes and Patient Hub services. He is sales-oriented and focused on the growth and scaling of each business. Greg and his team are working to transform the industry into a more streamlined and ultimately more patient-centric and patient-friendly environment.