Advisory Board Members

Our advisory board is composed of premiere professionals representing critical areas across the healthcare continuum.

Lili Brillstein, MPH, CEO

Episodes of Care / Value-Based Care

Lili Brillstein is a nationally recognized leader in the advancement of Episodes of Care and other specialty value-based care payment models.  She is the founder and CEO of BCollaborative, an organization that works with stakeholders across the healthcare continuum to build payment models that support collaborative, multi-disciplinary care delivery. She is a passionate advocate and architect of team based models as a strategy to successfully migrate from fee-for-service to quality- & value-based models that reward care providers for consistently optimal outcomes and patient experience, while reducing the overall costs of healthcare. 

Lili was formerly the Director of Specialty Care Value Based Models for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, and, under her leadership, built the largest, most progressive and collaborative Episodes of Care program in the country.

Lili has been a guest lecturer on episodes of care/bundled payments at the Harvard Business School and Georgetown Medical School, and has authored several articles on the subject of Episodes and value based care models.  In addition, Lili has served as an Advisor to CMS on bundled payments and specialty care models.  She is also a former Adjunct Associate Professor at The Rutgers School of Pharmacy, and a member of the Board of Directors for the NJ Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

Lili’s expertise at cultivating functionally collaborative relationships between payers and providers across the full continuum of health care has allowed not only the pillars of the triple aim to be achieved, but the spirit of the relationships to shift from one of adversaries to one of collaborators.