Advisory Board Members

Our advisory board is composed of premiere professionals representing critical areas across the healthcare continuum.

Lori Abrams

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Patient Advocacy

As a diversity, equity & inclusion expert in clinical trials, Lori is currently the Owner of Health Equity LLC.  She recently served as VP of Patient Advocacy and Clinical Research Diversity at WCG where she and her team ensured that Sponsors understood how to diversify clinical trials. They focused on the historically underserved populations by facilitating culturally appropriate dialogue between patients, care providers, community members and trial stakeholders.   Lori was instrumental in the transformation of processes that affect the provision of patient and program standards while improving matrix results, creating stability and growth opportunities.

Lori began her career in the Laboratory of Immunoregulation at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the laboratory of Dr. Anthony Fauci. At the time, the group was running clinical trials to test early drug candidates to treat HIV and AIDS.  During this time Abrams decided to become a voice for those who could not speak for themselves. She went on to serve six years in the military’s HIV drug program, where she ran clinical trials and successfully lobbied Congress for a $32 million per year increase in funding — a feat that led to her nomination as a delegate to the White House Conference on HIV/AIDS.

Later, she transitioned to work in the HIV clinical group at Bristol Myers Squibb as a senior protocol manager, where she rose through the ranks and built one of the first-ever R&D diversity and patient engagement groups in the industry as the Director of the Group.  She is a frequent speaker and writer on DE&I in clinical drug development.