Patient Engagement Volume Increases 450%, LifeLink Technology Now Automating 850,000 Conversations Per Month

Conversational AI platform on track to exceed 10 million patient interactions per year.

LifeLink today announced that its technology platform is powering more than 850,000 conversations per month, putting it on track to surpass 10 million automated patient interactions per year across a broad range of healthcare workflows at large hospital and pharmaceutical customers. The 2020 engagement volume represents a 450% year over year increase from 2019.  

The jump in engagement was driven by a combination of an increased customer base, expanded capabilities, and a broader industry shift to virtual care driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Major hospital systems, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and healthcare services organizations now use LifeLink conversational solutions to automate complex, interactive engagements with patients.

“Conversational AI was on a great growth trajectory in healthcare prior to 2020,” said Greg Johnsen, CEO of LifeLink. “Our technology was in place helping big organizations make significant improvements in the way they use mobile technology to interact with patients. Then COVID-19 struck, and the need to drive virtual care adoption became urgent. The growth is an indicator of a new, permanent shift to conversational AI as an integral part of the long-term innovation strategy in healthcare.”

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