Velatura and Spesana Announce Pilot Project to Revolutionize Prior Authorization Process

Joint venture aims to advance precision medicine, automate prior authorization
process through enhanced interoperability

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Velatura Public Benefit Corporation, one of the nation’s premier
interoperability providers, and Spesana, Inc., a company dedicated to improving patient care
with an innovative, point of care precision medicine platform, today announced a pilot project
that promises to propel the advancement of precision medicine and transform the prior
authorization process for oncologists and specialty providers.

Prior authorization is a process used by health insurance companies to determine if they will
cover the cost of a specific medical treatment, procedure or medication before it is provided to
the patient. The process is historically cumbersome and slow, with patients often waiting days,
weeks or even months for a necessary test or medical procedure.

By combining Velatura’s exchange network, which connects thousands of clinicians to critical
clinical information, with Spesana’s clinical workflow solutions, the pilot project aims to reduce
the time patients await a decision for prior authorization in treatment settings where time is of
the essence.

“The administrative process of prior authorization poses significant, time-consuming and costly
barriers for oncology healthcare providers, hospitals, and patients. The partnership between
Velatura and Spesana aims to revolutionize the prior authorization process and enable oncology
practices to provide new avenues for patient treatment choices,” said Carla Balch, CEO of
Spesana. “In today’s healthcare landscape, leveraging intelligence, high-quality clinical data and
advanced analytics is essential for supporting stakeholders in precision medicine and value-based care models. By joining forced with Velatura, we will be able to drastically reduce the
amount of time it takes to get a prior authorization, saving providers time and money and
easing the anxiety of patients who are awaiting potentially life-saving treatments.”

In this joint effort, Spesana’s Authorize tool will allow oncologists to expedite prior authorization
requests, ensuring swift approvals required for advanced therapies and treatment options that
would typically be delayed or rejected by the prior authorization process. As the collaboration
between Velatura and Spesana widens, oncologists will have unprecedented and fully
interoperable access to their patients’ comprehensive medical records at the point of care,
empowering them to make informed decisions and create treatment plans that are efficient,
scalable, and personalized from diagnosis through survivorship.

“The pilot project between Spesana and Velatura seamlessly integrates critical information,
streamlines workflows and guides oncology clinicians in creating advanced, data-driven and
patient-centered care plans,” said Angie Bass, MHA, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy
Officer of Velatura. “This alignment of cutting edge technology and interoperability is essential
to accelerating precision medicine and making strides toward improved care and better
outcomes for cancer patients. We are thrilled to partner with Spesana on such important work.”
The pilot project will roll out to 10 participants in Michigan and Missouri later this year. The
initial launch of the program is intended specifically for oncologists but will eventually be
expanded to include any and all prior authorization requests.

About Velatura Public Benefit Corporation
Velatura Public Benefit Corporation creatively connects and aligns people, organizations,
technology, ideas, and information in both the public and private sectors to improve healthcare,
reduce costs and to increase satisfaction of stakeholders in the health IT value chain. Through its
operating units of Velatura Services, Velatura HIE Corp and USQHIN, Velatura Public Benefit
Corporation looks to service the landscape of needs across the country for sustainable
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About Spesana
Spesana has developed a healthcare platform for all therapeutic areas in all settings of care to
increase the velocity of patients moving to the right specialists with a unified medical record.
Important to the mission is the focus on precision medicine, notably molecular diagnostics, and
clinical collaborations to allow physicians, patients, and insurance teams to come together
around the best available therapies and new clinical trials for patients. The company was
founded by oncology information technology trailblazer Carla Balch and an experienced team
known for building the first certified electronic medical record platform in oncology. Spesana
creates real-time collaborations, decision support based on real-world data and molecular
diagnostics results.

“In today’s healthcare landscape, leveraging intelligence, high-quality clinical data and advanced analytics is essential for supporting stakeholders in precision medicine and value-based care models,” stated Carla Balch, CEO of Spesana.