Zasti Inc. announces the launch of its Climate Tech AI platform to promote decarbonization in healthcare

Zasti has launched the ATOM framework to address the urgent needs of Climate Change. This AI platform will assist healthcare stakeholders in designing zero carbon pathways. The ATOM framework will be used for tracking carbon emissions and can be deployed at the selected facilities to:

Assess: Proprietary calculators, measure and map Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions as well as industry benchmarks

Target: Pre-built algorithms analyze carbon emissions and identify key hotspots that could be mitigated.

Optimize: AI based algorithms design pathways that meet decarbonization goals

Monitor: Custom built dashboards can offer lifecycle cost accounting and sustainability disclosures.

“The US healthcare system contributes 10% of the nation’s carbon emissions and 9% of harmful non-greenhouse air pollutants, with serious implications on climate change and public health. This has motivated us to develop a healthcare-specific platform that will help baseline carbon footprints, improve resource efficiency, lower costs and improve quality of care,” said Krish R Krishnan, CEO, Zasti Inc.

About Zasti

Zasti is an Advanced Analytics company that offers AI solutions while bringing its strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values to US Healthcare. Its AI platforms offer valuable health risk screening and early disease detection for communities in need while creating low carbon pathways for its stakeholders. In partnership with world-renowned academic and research institutions, Zasti has deployed a suite of AI platforms and Medtech devices that allow customers to rapidly access actionable healthcare insights.

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